Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tessa's Take

Hey, remember I was telling you about some cool upcoming events? Here is an update from Patrick Thorkveld about one of those awesome happenings!
"We are putting together a complete program (MUSIC) to showcase the live music community in SL and to allow the reported ( in LL survey) 75% of SL who is not aware of live music to have a chance to participate at some of our most beautiful and reputable locations. To date we have about 100 of our best musicians including many who sing only originals. We will broadcast those live through Indie Radio in here - this goes out then to about 70 stations - as i understand it - out through Nashville. We will also have Metaverse TV ( no relation to Metaverse Music or any other Metaverse group) which is one of SL s most reputable television production groups , filming intermittantly throughout all days. This event will cover April 22- 25 and includes Rockcliff University , Catatsrophic Planning and Management Institute , Metaverse TV , Calas Galadon, Moonacy, Aero Pines , RFYR among its sponsors. We will have a website to showcase our developments and are working with Winamp executives to perhaps leverage some other RL applications. There will be RL scouts and producers who will be listening and wandering thru and we will also have a forum led by Lou Tones (RL Music Producer and LL affliliate) with agroup to discuss trends and practices and developments in Live Musi c in SL and other virtual arenas. This is a serious and broad event which seeks to promote the idea of "community " thru music .
pat thorkveld"
dates apr 22-apr 25 Thank you for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time...Tessa1 Beck

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