Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Hello Friends! RL can sometimes get so hectic, ya know? So, when I finally logged into SL all I wanted was to hear something soft, and sweet and gentle. My first two attempts were fruitless no shows, then I saw a name I recognized, Phoenix Galdonaldo. I arrived just in time for some mellow, relaxing tunes. I was thrilled, exactly what I needed to recover from my RL woes. Phoenix sang some beautiful originals and an incredibly gentle version of Everlong by The Foo Fighters. His easy manner and enchanting voice made the events of my morning float off into the distant past and brought me to a more settled and happy place. You can bet I am going to ask Phoenix for a sample of his music to add to the player and I'll be sure to catch another show soon! Maybe I'll see you there! Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time....Tessa1 Beck.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Hey Guys! It was a TAU night, for those that don't know, thats The Audio Union. Rusty and Kimmie and I work hard to bring new SL musicians and venue owners and managers together every other Tuesday.Tonight was especially good! We had 15 venues represented and some of the best in new SL music! First up we had Ariel Franchini, and honestly he was great! The audience was thrilled, and kind of sad he only had 15 minutes to play. The next performer had some internet issues and was unable to perform so the ever helpful Covenant Wylder stepped in . This was Cov's first set at TAU and he rocked it!He was awesome and such a great help to us for filling in. Markseery Melodie was up next and he gave the disclaimer that he was ill, his voice not up to par, but we all enjoyed him anyway. His set was awesome, and we look forward to hearing him when he is feeling better, it has to be a good show as his 15 minutes were great! Bluemonk Rau was next and we were in for quite a treat. Blue gave us some smoky blues and everyone was bopping around to his cool tunes.This was my second time hearing Blue and I have to say he was in top form tonight. We applauded Blue off the stage and welcomed one of my friends, Harrison Digfoot. If you have read my blog you have read about Harri before, tonight he did all originals, including one of my favorites. He is so soft spoken and then he comes out with these great heartfelt songs and awesome harmonica solo's. He was awesome as usual and generated interest with more than one venue! Last on the set list was Lefty Delwood. Lefty has played TAU before, and today he was great as we expected. He did a really good job, rounding out the evening to perfection with some awesome Dylan! It was a great night! Thanks to everyone that came and for supporting live music in SL! Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take......until next time.....Tessa1 beck

Tessa's Take!

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday to everyone, hope this day finds you all well rested and ready for some live music! Last night I was bouncing from venue to venue catching a bit of each show when I got an IM asking if I had ever heard Jax Streeter. I hadn't, so a TP soon followed and I found myself at an RFL event. An awesome stage had been built, and people were dropping in one after the other. Jax made his entrance right on the stage and the fun began! He was just so alive and full of energy I could almost see him dancing around as he sang in RL. He did some great covers and a few really cool originals, the crowd was gaga for him, it was an awesome show. I heard him mention that we should catch his show at Inspiration Island as it would be his last show....ever. I was curious about that and had to IM him and ask...I'm so nosy sometimes lol. He answered my IM quickly (a very good sign) and was gracious enough to give me a little scoop, he told me he has been singing for 3 years in SL, 200K downloads and 30 countries later and it was time. I asked what was next for the fabulous young musician and he said he was hoping to finish his first movie and perhaps pick up on a television project he started with Fox Sports. SL will lose a great performer when Jax ends his set tonight at Inspiration Island...a must see venue created by Flimsey if you have some time, travel on over to get a glimpse of what is sure to be an amazing show!Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take! Until next time...Tessa1 Beck

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tessa's Take!

It's Monday and I have been really busy! Between spring cleaning and venue hopping my day was very full. I ended up at Untouchables for some Digby Smalls. I was lucky enough to arrive during a Pearl Jam trilogy. You have not heard Black til you hear Digby do it. I was amazed at how beautiful his renditions of these songs were. Even better, many of my friends were in the audience! Digby has been around quite awhile, but he recently acquired a new manager, Sher Salmson, so I imagine his schedule is going to increase soon. I totally enjoyed the show, his smooth voice was very soothing after a long day. He plays acoustic guitar covering rock songs as well as a few originals, so give him a listen, it's worth the hour :-)Thanks for peeking at Tessa's take...until next time....Tessa1 Beck

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Hiya Everyone! It's been a quiet day for me, caught a few shows.....caught a nap lol. I ended up at BS'S Bring a Friend Stay Awhile to hear Damian Carbenell. BS's is a great venue, always fun and usually some of the best SL musicians can be found playing there. I think just about everyone has heard Damian before, but the show was awesome and I thought I would share. He has mastered the use of the looper, adding depth to his sound. I especially liked his cover of Hotel California and was blown away by his version of Unintended by Muse. He has such a gentle demeanor, sweet voice and friendly personality, definitely a must see for those of you new to SL live music. Damian has an extensive song list, and he can sing em all to perfection so scan search and catch a show soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Ok, so I am not very familiar with the Country scene in SL, but, I like the genre. I decided while I had some time I would look for some good ole country music. I ended up at the brand spanking new Buzz Club. Gary Johnstone was just about to get started when I arrived. He led off with a Jason Michael Caroll song, and I was hooked. His deep voice was perfect for JMC as well as Josh Turner's Let's Just Dance. His song choices were some of my favorites, and I could tell the crowd was happy with them too. There were girls and guys in cowboy hats and boots dancing away and gestures with his lyrics flowing. It was a good time for everyone!

Hi Everyone, and good afternoon! SL is full of great shows today, sometimes it's hard to choose which one to go to, and sometimes you find one you just don't want to end. I was traveling from venue to venue when I got a group IM about a mall opening. The musicians name was new to me, and you know how I like to check out people I have not heard before, so I took the taxi and arrived at Graves Inc.Grand Opening. Rhyme Melodie was on stage singing Mack the Knife, and let me tell you....she rocked it. I quickly checked out her profile and learned she is originally from New Orleans, plays all her own music and has a really broad range of songs. Her voice is sweet and sultry at times. I enjoyed listening to her chat with the audience and muse over which songs to sing. Her last song, a Frank Sinatra tune was executed perfectly. I am sure to catch another show soon, maybe I'll see you there!

That's all for now, thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take! Until next time....Tessa1 beck

Tessa's Take!

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday, I know I did. :-) So, after spending the day offline I was ready to find some good music on the grid. I found myself at J&S Waterway, a cool venue I have visited a few times before. Remy Farman was performing, singing a beautiful cover of Amazed by Lonestar to a decent backing track. I was pleasantly surprised by his smooth voice and great song list. Remy is from Wales, and is particularly fond of love songs according to his bio. He is a very energetic and gracious performer. I enjoyed the show, as did the other guests at the club. Still searching for more music and fun! Until next time......Tessa1 Beck

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Hi People! I have been busy today venue hopping. I caught a few acts, lots of backing tracks and quite a few no shows. Finally 2pm hit and time for my daily dose of Max. Maximillion Kleene that is, playing live at Romantica Yacht Club. Coming to a Max show is like coming home for me, it's where my love for SL music was born, where most of my friends can be found and where the noise of the day can most assuredly be drowned out. The set was stellar as usual, the smile staying on my face throughout. I was able to record a few songs today and add them to my playlist, with Max's permission of course, so travel down to the player and have a listen. Max never disappoints, singing songs that are sweet, sexy, sad and sometimes very playful(The Sandwich Song for one). I try to never miss a show, and once you have heard him, I am sure you will feel the same, so check him out, it's what's good for you :-)

Tessa's Take!

Hi there! Well, I have been very busy trying to host SL musician's music on the blog. I was at a complete stand still until some very helpful friends came to my rescue. Mike set me up with a hosting account and Dan the man got the URL's to work and voila I have Max Kleene on the playlist! Keep an eye out for more SL music as I get better at hosting the MP3's. I am on my way to a few shows today and you know I will tell you all about them! That's all for now, thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time...Tessa1 Beck

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tessa's Take!

I was standing around contemplating logging this afternoon when I got a TP to hear another new artist. One of those random things ya get, and I jumped on it, as the day had been filled with fruitless searches. Seemed like half the search listings were false, I was feeling pretty blah about the day....until.....Mapoo Little. I arrived at Wiseguys Social Club to a decent crowd and the coolest voice....she blew me away!The backing tracks were inconsequential, she could have been singing to blowing wind, it would have made little difference. One of my friends described her as a cross between Tina Turner and Anacostia...he's right, but she may even be better than that. She is from the UK and is a professional singer in RL. Check her out, it's a no brainer!

Hey Everyone! I was out and about last night and found myself at Pannies club. Harrison Digfoot was performing; now I have heard Harrison before, but he put on such a great show, I just had to write about it. This Georgia boy plays a great guitar and a mean harmonica! He broke out with a couple new songs, giving a great rendition of The Scientist by Coldplay. Harrison also has some really cool originals and he just signed on with a great new management team!My friend Yummi and I really enjoyed the show! Give him a listen if you get the chance, Maybe I'll see you there :-)

Tessa's Take!

Friday I will not be on SL, I have RL commitments and it's a shame because there is a really cool event I was hoping to attend. I don't want anyone to miss out, so I thought I would add this press release and if you are looking for something to do Friday, at least you will know of one cool thing.

Friday, March 26th, 2010 is The Follow’s World Tour in a Day reaching five countries in one day without ever leaving home! Non-Second Life users can also watch the video stream on the band’s website at

1. Ned’s Aussie Pub in Australia at 4:00 AM (PDT) / 7:00 PM (WST)
2. TBA 11:00 AM (PDT) / 11:30 PM (IST)
3. Astral Dreams in Italy at 1:30 PM (PDT) / 9:30 PM (CET)
4. Warung Beats in Brazil at 4:00 PM (PDT) / 8:00 PM (BST)
5. Gwampa’s in United States at 8:00 PM (PDT) / 8:00 PM (PDT)

I am also hoping for some guest writers to send me some commentary to add after the shows!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tessa's Take on SL's Live Music Scene

Hey everyone! another day, another chance to canvas the grid in search of some awesome SL music. Don't ya hate it when you see a listing in search and when you get there the place is empty? My first two attempts at cool sounds were just that, empty venues. I finally found myself at Bonetto Club and Mall. The first thing I noticed was the fast rez time, WOOT! The second thing I noticed was the friendly atmosphere. I turned on my player and heard the voice of JayP Burnstein. Hailing from the Netherlands, Jay was rocking out the crowd with a Michael Jackson tune. His smoky voice made the backing tracks almost forgivable, but, his profile says he is a self taught solo-guitarist, sooo, I plan to catch another show soon in hopes of hearing some of that guitar work! I particularly enjoyed his rendition of a favorite Lionel Ritchie tune. Still scanning the grid, more to come!

I found some extra time in my day to stop by LIL EGYPT Resort and Beach Club. A really pretty venue with a great stage. Katia Keres was performing Dream a Little Dream when I arrived. She has an amazing voice with what seemed to me to be perfect pitch. Her song list is chock full of sweet romantic songs that were perfect for all the lovely couples in attendance. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable set, her friendly banter and smiling voice are sure to bring people back again and again.

That's all for now, thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take, until next time....Tessa1 Beck

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tessa's Take on SL's Live Music Scene

Hi! Welcome to Tessa's Take, a blog all about Second Life's live music scene! Today has been an exciting day for me; I discovered an SL musician I had never heard before. Turner Harbrough was performing at the super eclectic Tantalus club. I had a few minutes and thought I would check it out...all I can say is WOW! This guy is a trained vocalist with a personality to die for. He sang everything from Josh Turner to Captain Von Trapp! His deep voice and bubbling personality thrilled the crowd! I am sure to be found at another of his shows soon!

Next stop was The Kat Rose Secret Garden featuring Lexie Luan. I had the opportunity to hear Lexie once before at The Whiskey Go Round, and was anxious to hear her do a full set. Her soulful voice and sexy delivery were definitely a crowd pleaser! Her originals were filled with real emotion and humorous anecdotes. Truly a fun listen for everyone!

I got the opportunity to speak with Lexie after her set and she suggested I follow her to Zorch Boomhaurs next show. The venue took an unusually long time to rez and the stream was having difficulties, but Zorch persevered! He gave a nice performance, singing original tunes with lyrics I wanted to have on my playlist! My favorite was called The Troof, a song that truly hit home for me, and I suspect will for many of you as well!

That's all for now, thanks for taking a peek at Tessa's Take! Until next time...Tessa1 Beck