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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Hi People! I have been busy today venue hopping. I caught a few acts, lots of backing tracks and quite a few no shows. Finally 2pm hit and time for my daily dose of Max. Maximillion Kleene that is, playing live at Romantica Yacht Club. Coming to a Max show is like coming home for me, it's where my love for SL music was born, where most of my friends can be found and where the noise of the day can most assuredly be drowned out. The set was stellar as usual, the smile staying on my face throughout. I was able to record a few songs today and add them to my playlist, with Max's permission of course, so travel down to the player and have a listen. Max never disappoints, singing songs that are sweet, sexy, sad and sometimes very playful(The Sandwich Song for one). I try to never miss a show, and once you have heard him, I am sure you will feel the same, so check him out, it's what's good for you :-)

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