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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tessa's Take!

I was standing around contemplating logging this afternoon when I got a TP to hear another new artist. One of those random things ya get, and I jumped on it, as the day had been filled with fruitless searches. Seemed like half the search listings were false, I was feeling pretty blah about the day....until.....Mapoo Little. I arrived at Wiseguys Social Club to a decent crowd and the coolest voice....she blew me away!The backing tracks were inconsequential, she could have been singing to blowing wind, it would have made little difference. One of my friends described her as a cross between Tina Turner and Anacostia...he's right, but she may even be better than that. She is from the UK and is a professional singer in RL. Check her out, it's a no brainer!

Hey Everyone! I was out and about last night and found myself at Pannies club. Harrison Digfoot was performing; now I have heard Harrison before, but he put on such a great show, I just had to write about it. This Georgia boy plays a great guitar and a mean harmonica! He broke out with a couple new songs, giving a great rendition of The Scientist by Coldplay. Harrison also has some really cool originals and he just signed on with a great new management team!My friend Yummi and I really enjoyed the show! Give him a listen if you get the chance, Maybe I'll see you there :-)

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