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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Friday I will not be on SL, I have RL commitments and it's a shame because there is a really cool event I was hoping to attend. I don't want anyone to miss out, so I thought I would add this press release and if you are looking for something to do Friday, at least you will know of one cool thing.

Friday, March 26th, 2010 is The Follow’s World Tour in a Day reaching five countries in one day without ever leaving home! Non-Second Life users can also watch the video stream on the band’s website at

1. Ned’s Aussie Pub in Australia at 4:00 AM (PDT) / 7:00 PM (WST)
2. TBA 11:00 AM (PDT) / 11:30 PM (IST)
3. Astral Dreams in Italy at 1:30 PM (PDT) / 9:30 PM (CET)
4. Warung Beats in Brazil at 4:00 PM (PDT) / 8:00 PM (BST)
5. Gwampa’s in United States at 8:00 PM (PDT) / 8:00 PM (PDT)

I am also hoping for some guest writers to send me some commentary to add after the shows!

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