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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Hey Guys! It was a TAU night, for those that don't know, thats The Audio Union. Rusty and Kimmie and I work hard to bring new SL musicians and venue owners and managers together every other Tuesday.Tonight was especially good! We had 15 venues represented and some of the best in new SL music! First up we had Ariel Franchini, and honestly he was great! The audience was thrilled, and kind of sad he only had 15 minutes to play. The next performer had some internet issues and was unable to perform so the ever helpful Covenant Wylder stepped in . This was Cov's first set at TAU and he rocked it!He was awesome and such a great help to us for filling in. Markseery Melodie was up next and he gave the disclaimer that he was ill, his voice not up to par, but we all enjoyed him anyway. His set was awesome, and we look forward to hearing him when he is feeling better, it has to be a good show as his 15 minutes were great! Bluemonk Rau was next and we were in for quite a treat. Blue gave us some smoky blues and everyone was bopping around to his cool tunes.This was my second time hearing Blue and I have to say he was in top form tonight. We applauded Blue off the stage and welcomed one of my friends, Harrison Digfoot. If you have read my blog you have read about Harri before, tonight he did all originals, including one of my favorites. He is so soft spoken and then he comes out with these great heartfelt songs and awesome harmonica solo's. He was awesome as usual and generated interest with more than one venue! Last on the set list was Lefty Delwood. Lefty has played TAU before, and today he was great as we expected. He did a really good job, rounding out the evening to perfection with some awesome Dylan! It was a great night! Thanks to everyone that came and for supporting live music in SL! Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take......until next time.....Tessa1 beck

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