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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tessa's Take

Hey, Good Morning! It's a beautiful Monday morning here in SL!. I was quietly adjusting my prims when I saw a notice for the debut of a brand new musician. Now, you know I couldn't pass that up!I made my way to of the best venues for live music in SL and found it jam packed with avs anxious to hear a fresh new sound. We were all delighted by this new performer...who is he you ask...AdamHoek. He had a great sound, acoustic and live. He did some sweet covers and his originals were fun, his emotions clearly showing through at just the right times. It was an enjoyable hour and I know you will be hearing his name a lot more soon! I look forward to catching another set from Adam soon, maybe I'll see you there! Check out the comments for a link to Adams page! Thank you for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time...Tessa1 Beck

1 comment:

  1. Im glad you enjoyed the show. Im happy you came.
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