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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tessa's Take

It's my rezday! I spent the day with many of my friends enjoying some of the best things in SL, Live Music and shopping! It was also an Audio Union night! We had a great lineup tonight, starting us off was Geos Copperfield. I had never heard Geos before and I was looking forward to it. He did a great 15 minutes, the audience was really into his set! Next up was Porter Paquot. I had heard great things about her and, WOW, she was awesome! The power she backs with that voice is nothing short of amazing! She sang some great songs and we were all sad when her 15 minutes ended. Seba Sideways took the stage next, giving us a great show, his sax smooth and his voice great as usual! He entertained us with his special brand of music and it was a pleasure having him back to TAU. We welcomed Antonio Galloway to the stage, a relative newcomer to SL music. I think everyone was surprised by the depth of his voice and the energy he shared with us. His version of a well known Elvis song was awesome! I look forward to catching another set soon! We bid goodbye to Anthony and welcomed Automatic Quandry. He played 3 really great originals for us. I had heard Automatic once before, and let me tell you, he just gets better and better! Our final performer of the evening was Turner Harbrough. I recently (yesterday) blogged about Turner, he graciously agreed to fill in when the last performer was unable to attend. He rocked us out, showing his versatility, singing songs from 3 different genres! It was an awesome set! Next TAU in 2 weeks, and ....Thank you to all my friends that wished me a happy rezday, and for all the gifts too! I love you guys!!! My SL would be nothing without you! Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time...Tessa1 Beck

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