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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tessa's Take! on Harper Messmer

Happy Wednesday! I had a very busy morning in RL, that weird place we sometimes find ourselves, and only found my way back to SL late this afternoon. I was just finishing up my closet surfing when I got a TP from a friend to go to WiseGuys to hear Harper Messmer. I don't know about you, but, I am not about to pass up an opportunity to hear Harper. I have been listening to him for a long time now, ever since I was TP'd to one of his welcome back shows amidst about 60 adoring fans. He is still drawing them in all these months later. I really like the style he has, so laid back, so smooth. Someone once said to me, "doesn't he have the smoothest voice...hear it?" I have to say, yes, yes he does. His song list is full of so many tried and true favorites, but he mixes in some unique covers and really beautiful originals. A Harper Messmer show is guaranteed to be entertaining, his soft spoken manner, anecdotes and between song chats are fun, and you can hear the mirth in his voice when he talks of TP wars LOL. If for some odd reason you have not heard him, or if you are new to the SL music scene I highly recommend you check him out. SL music wouldn't be the same without him. Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time...Tessa1 Beck

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  1. I couldn't agree more, Tessa. I used to perform after Harper at Romantica Yacht Club, and it was always a treat to get there early and take in his set.