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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tessa's Take!

Guess what! It's Friday!!! I don't know about you but I am thrilled for this week to end! I had scheduled some live music for The Sea Nymph and of course that meant I would be there tonight. The first act cancelled and I frantically tried to find a replacement earlier this week. Thanks to Lingual Markus I was able to schedule TerryLynn Melody for the 5pm hour. She was so friendly and sweet, and to even make things better, she brought in an awesome harmonica player, Dixon Picket, to accompany her. The show was great! It really felt like we were all sitting in her living room enjoying some good, down home music. Her mom was in the audience, her fans were just amazing, and we all had a great time! I especially love her original Here Comes Trouble, a really cool and fun tune I have heard several times. If you get the chance, ask her what the story is behind it, was a cute listen. Check TerryLynn out soon, I might even see ya there!

At the top of the hour Shannon Oherlihy took the stage. Now, for those not familiar, Shannon is a very folksy singer with an absolutely haunting voice. Her originals are sometimes sad, often sentimental and always lovely. One of the guests aboard The Sea Nymph tonight commented on how you just had to slow dance when listening to Shannon as her sweet tones and gentle manner were perfect for that style of dance. While Shannon performs covers and has an extensive song list, it is her originals that bring people back again and again. If you have some time and want to hear the beauty of words sung with heartfelt meaning, check Shannon out. I think you will be glad you did. Thanks for peeking at Tessa's Take....until next time...Tessa1 Beck

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